Exploration. It’s in our nature.

In Colorado, we live a life above and beyond. We’re home to an unparalleled aerospace industry bolstered by commercial, academic and civil space assets that are, frankly, out of this world.

It’s a community where collaboration and support fuel innovation — and inspire us to push beyond what’s possible.

The Colorado Space Coalition supports this community by recruiting and retaining companies and talent, marketing and promoting the industry, advocating for aerospace needs, advising elected leadership – work that is made possible thanks to the support and generosity of our members. Together we’re reaching for the stars.

Industry Overview

With the nation’s 2nd-largest aerospace economy, Colorado offers companies one of the country’s most highly educated workforces, an atmosphere for business growth, and a hub of high-tech innovation.

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Company Directory


The Colorado Space Coalition’s Company Directory includes more than 500 aerospace companies and suppliers in the state. Colorado’s aerospace companies develop products and systems for commercial, military, and government space applications.

Locate or Expand

In Colorado, you’ll be part of a high-powered, established space industry in a location that also happens to be a great place to live. In an atmosphere like this, it’s no wonder that aerospace companies thrive at 5,280'.

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