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Lockheed Martin powers-up next Orion spacecraft for first time

Powering-on and testing the computers marks a major milestone in Orion’s march toward flight.


United Launch Alliance successfully launches NASA’s TDRS-M satellite

Final mission in series completes third generation space communication satellites.


Satellite imaging team wins CO-LABS Governor’s Award

A Colorado State University-based team that works on the nation’s newest weather satellite has been awarded the CO-LABS Governor’s Award for High-Impact Research.


Business-friendly legislation and policy helps expand small satellite industry in Colorado

Colorado’s small satellite sector is thriving and fastest growing in state's space industry.


CU Boulder ships $90 million solar instruments to Florida for upcoming launch

The package is considered a key tool to help monitor the planet's climate.


Microloans now available for startups and entrepreneurs

The Microloans program is meant to provide capital to small businesses through small, character-based loans, particularly in rural Colorado regions.


Lockheed Martin invests $350 million in state-of-the-art satellite production facility

266,000 square foot "Factory of the Future" will speed production and lower costs.


CU Boulder to test drones in eastern Colorado for drought project

University of Colorado Boulder engineers, scientists and students are teaming up with Black Swift Technologies of Boulder to use unmanned aircraft in the coming weeks to measure water moisture at a test irrigation farm in Yuma, Colorado.


Astrobotic and United Launch Alliance announce mission to the moon

The first mission in 2019 will serve as a key demonstration of service for NASA, international space agencies, and companies looking to carry out missions to the Moon.


Living in Deep Space: Lockheed Martin to build full-scale prototype of NASA cislunar habitat

NextSTEP-2 prototype to engineer how astronauts live and work at NASA’s deep space gateway.