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SNC Selects ULA for Dream Chaser® Spacecraft Launches

NASA Missions to Begin in 2021


Students to send hundreds of leaf-sized spacecraft to the moon

A new project, inspired by the Apollo moon landings, will send 500 spacecraft small enough to fit in the palm of your hand to the moon by 2023. These tiny spacecraft, dubbed "LunaSats," will be designed and built by students in Colorado and across the world.


Special Aerospace Services Unveils Restored Apollo Test Capsule in Colorado

Special Aerospace Services LLC (SAS) commemorated the 50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing with the unveiling of a restored Apollo 16 test capsule.


Satellite mission selected to explore binary asteroid

A team led by CU Boulder landed a coveted finalist spot in a new NASA program that will launch small satellites into space to explore the origins and evolution of the solar system.


Lockheed Martin Delivers GPS III Contingency Operations (COps) Ground System Upgrade to Control More Powerful GPS Satellites

The next step in modernizing the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite constellation with new technology and capabilities is happening from the ground up!


Dream Chaser® Spacecraft Passes Another NASA Milestone

SPARKS, Nev. (March 21, 2019) – Sierra Nevada Corporation’s (SNC) Dream Chaser spacecraft passed NASA’s Integrated Review Milestone 5 (IR5), a key status check on SNC’s performance of a variety of ground and flight operations.


Astrophysicist to address Vice President Pence, National Space Council

University of Colorado Boulder astrophysicist Jack Burns is ready for the United States’ next moon shot. On Tuesday, March. 26, Burns will address Vice President Mike Pence and other members of the National Space Council at a meeting focusing on the challenges and opportunities of sending people back to lunar soil.


OSIRIS-REx Spies on the Weird, Wild Gravity of an Asteroid

Research led by the University of Colorado Boulder is revealing the Alice in Wonderland-like physics that govern gravity near the surface of the asteroid Bennu.


Colorado Congressional Delegation, Governor Urge Department of Defense to Headquarter U.S. Space Command in Colorado

Colorado Congressional Delegation, Governor Urge Department of Defense to Headquarter U.S. Space Command in Colorado Reestablishment of U.S. Space Command is Essential to National Security, Preventing Attacks Against U.S. Space Systems.


BridgeSat News Release

Es’hailSat and BridgeSat Bring Secure, High-Performance, Low-Cost Laser Satellite Communications to the Middle East