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First Light: Fourth U.S. Air Force SBIRS satellite sends first images back to earth

SBIRS GEO Flight-4 completes baseline constellation, global coverage.


Mission Ready: UTC Aerospace Systems to support United States special operations command's mid-endurance UAS program

TASE400 offers users longwave infrared (LWIR) capabilities, full-motion video collection and small size, weight and power (SwaP).


Maxar Technologies’ DigitalGlobe introduces rapid access program, a powerful online portal providing customers fast, flexible priority access to the world’s highest resolution commercial satellites

The Rapid Access Program is designed to give customers the flexible and efficient imagery collection they want, over their region of interest, with the highest available priority level on the DigitalGlobe constellation – meaning collections submitted against assigned satellite access time are assured.


Maxar Technologies’ DigitalGlobe integrates highest resolution satellite imagery from WorldView-4 into SecureWatch™ and celebrates 20th defense and intelligence subscriber to the GEOINT Platform

WorldView-4’s daily imagery collections more than double SecureWatch’s daily volume of valuable 30 cm imagery, enhancing defense and intelligence analysts’ ability to closely monitor activity in their areas of interest.


Raytheon builds small satellites for Department of Homeland Security

Polar Scout satellites to aid search and rescue in remote areas.


Colorado aerospace industry provides $15.4 billion economic impact

Eight of the nation's leading aerospace contractors are headquartered in Colorado.


Mission to the Moon: Stratasys joins forces with Lockheed Martin and PADT to engineer advanced 3D printed parts for NASA's Orion mission

Stratasys 3D printers and materials provide extremely high levels of strength, durability and thermal properties to power missions to deep space.


Lockheed Martin submits proposal for U.S. Air Force's GPS IIIF program

Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) has submitted a competitive and fully compliant proposal for the U.S. Air Force's GPS III Follow On (GPS IIIF) program, which will add enhanced capabilities to the most advanced GPS satellites ever designed. The GPS IIIF program intends to produce up to 22 next-generation satellites.


Ball Aerospace to collaborate with Honeywell for Optical Communication DataLinks products

Ball Aerospace is collaborating with Honeywell to develop and produce high-performance, high-reliability Optical Communication DataLinks that enable satellite operators to deliver affordable, high-capacity, high-data rate connectivity to users around the world.


Ball Aerospace completes hand over of next-gen weather satellite JPSS-1 to NASA, NOAA

JPSS-1 (NOAA-20) significantly increases the accuracy of weather forecasts.