York Space Systems announces Space Segment Enterprise Program with extensive partner ecosystem


York Space Systems, an aerospace company specializing in complete space segment customer solutions and the manufacture of small and medium class spacecraft, today announced the launch of its Space Segment Enterprise Program (SSEP) in collaboration with the company's trusted network of partners. Under the program, York will now offer complete Space Segment solutions to both government and commercial customers to provide services for every facet of the space value stream including: mission planning and design, spacecraft bus(es), payload design and manufacture, integration and test capabilities, launch solutions, ground segment solutions, data analytics and distribution, and mission operations.

York's program partners include some of the most trusted, reliable, and innovative companies in the industry including SAICVectorTriSept CorporationÅAC MicrotecStellar Solutions, The Sensing Company, AMR Propulsion InnovationsRBC SignalsAtlas Space Operations, BridgeSatBraxton Technologies and Metropolitan State University of Denver. Through this innovative ecosystem, York and its partners can tailor solutions to meet a variety of customer specific mission needs from simply a launcher and a bus to a complete data set built, launched, collected, analyzed, and delivered from space to a customer server.

"Commercialization and standardization are the vital elements required to enabling rapid and affordable access to space, which is the key to unlocking the potential of the space market," said Dirk Wallinger, Chief Executive Officer of York Space Systems. "With teams of talented individuals working together towards standardization, we can offer customers a complete solution lowering the barriers to entrance for new endeavors. At York, we want to see innovation return to space and by leveraging existing capabilities and expertise from our partners, we can shift the focus towards new ideas, models, and information never imagined before."

Through the Space Segment Enterprise Program, customers may qualify for a no-cost spacecraft platform to support their mission. With the use of inventoried spacecraft, and through York's partner network, customers can rapidly deploy their products from space on a timeline, and on a budget, impossible before now. By leveraging existing providers to deliver market products on lifecycles of months, and eventually weekly, the program will blaze a path towards low-cost, turn-key space access enabling the future of innovation and growth.