DigitalGlobe wins $38 million NGA contract


Longmont-based DigitalGlobe, a leading global provider of high-resolution earth imagery solutions, announced that it has been awarded a one-year contract at a funded level of $37.9 million by the U.S. Government via the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) under the NGA's new Enhanced GEOINT Delivery (EGD) program.

The award will enable value-added support to NGA, as DigitalGlobe continues to meet more advanced imagery requirements and provide final product deliverables. This award advances the production capabilities of the company's "Rapid Delivery of Online Geospatial Intelligence" (RDOG), a capability first pioneered jointly by DigitalGlobe and NGA in 2009, and which NGA has since used to develop imagery and map-based intelligence solutions for U.S. national defense, homeland security and safety of navigation in multiple geographic locations around the world.

EGD expands the EnhancedView contract to meet the government's evolving requirements for ortho-rectified products in large quantities. The new EGD product deliverables will include three elements: a nearly cloud-free wide-area mapping layer; continuous delivery of daily images via the web within 24 hours of collection; and quick-turnaround images of NGA-designated high-priority geographic locations.

"We're delighted to have this opportunity to deliver more value to the NGA as a result of our continued focus on innovation and execution," said Jeffrey R. Tarr, President and Chief Executive Officer. "This program will better enable NGA to serve its many constituents including our troops, first responders, relief workers and others across many government agencies with near real time commercial imagery delivered over the web."

Initial production and deliveries under the agreement are expected to ramp beginning in the fourth quarter 2011, with revenue to be recognized in accordance with deliveries.