Colorado Space Coalition launches marketing campaign


Did you know that Colorado has the nation's third-largest aerospace economy? Or that Colorado has a higher concentration of private aerospace workers than any other state? And that Colorado is the No. 4 state for NASA prime contract awards?

In an industry where many projects are "top secret" Colorado is stepping up its efforts to promote the many assets that make it a leading aerospace state: a highly educated workforce, major contractors and suppliers, Department of Defense and NASA research activities, leading research universities, and a significant space-oriented military presence.

As the nation's largest aerospace companies, NASA representatives, and the research and scientific community gather in Colorado Springs April 11-14 for the 27th Annual National Space Symposium, the Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) is launching a broad marketing campaign that promotes Colorado as best-positioned to support the United States' leadership role in the global space exploration race.

This week, a full-page print ad will run in the aerospace industry's most highly read publications--Space News International and Aviation Week & Space Technology. The ad includes a playful take on Colorado's successful aerospace brand--A Mile Closer to Space.

In addition, the CSC is premiering a new video at the symposium and on the home page of its website where Colorado aerospace leaders discuss why Colorado is outpacing other states in aerospace.

"We say that we are 'a mile closer to space' because of the workforce that we have and the businesses that have grown up here, along with the federal and military installations that support these industries and are customers of these industries," said Colorado Lieutenant Governor Joseph Garcia, co-chair of the Colorado Space Coalition. "We have a head start over most states when it comes to supporting the aerospace industry."

Several leading projects and new developments further propel Colorado as an aerospace heavyweight:

  • Colorado aerospace companies are leading the most notable NASA and commercial space projects including Juno, Orion, Kepler, Maven, Joint Polar Satellite System, GPS OCX, Worldview-3, and several Commercial Crew Development (CCDev) Initiative projects.
  • The Federal Aviation Administration established a Center of Excellence for Commercial Space Transportation, of which CU-Boulder is a core member. The Center brings together government, industry, and academic institutions to focus on commercial human space flight, space commerce, space launch operations and traffic management, and launch vehicle systems.
  • The state of Colorado, the Colorado Association for Manufacturing and Technology, and NASA recently signed the Space Act Agreement to place a center for innovation and technology--the first of its kind in the United States--in Colorado,

"I think that just by nature we (Colorado) are so much closer, so much more engaged, and so much more profoundly influencing the development of the space program in the United States, that Colorado is genuinely closer to space than anywhere in the world," explained Dr. Daniel Baker, Director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

The CSC's campaign will also include online advertising in The Wall Street Journal and online industry sites, a new Colorado Aerospace 2011-2012 brochure, and social media activities. In addition, the CSC and its members are also exhibiting (Booth #124) at this week's National Space Symposium.