Hickenlooper inaugurated as Colorado’s 42nd Governor


A geologist turned brewer who went on to become Mayor of Denver was sworn in January 11 as Colorado's 42nd governor.

John Hickenlooper delivered a 16-minute Inauguration speech in 10-degree weather on the West Steps of the state Capitol. He was joined by his wife, Helen, and son, Teddy.

"Our first task, our highest priority, is jobs," Hickenlooper said. "We will help businesses expand and protect the jobs we have, we will attract new jobs, and we will unleash the entrepreneurial spirit that has always defined Colorado through her history."

Hickenlooper signed three Executive Orders immediately after the speech:

  • The first order requires state government to join in partnership with local communities in creating jobs and designing economic development plans that are uniquely suited to these communities.
  • The second order places a new emphasis on global opportunities as an engine for job creation and creates the Governor's Trade and Tourism Ambassador Program.
  • The third order begins the task of making the State a more effective partner with Colorado counties.