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Living in Deep Space: Lockheed Martin to build full-scale prototype of NASA cislunar habitat

NextSTEP-2 prototype to engineer how astronauts live and work at NASA’s deep space gateway.


United Launch Alliance signs contract with Sierra Nevada Corporation to launch Dream Chaser® spacecraft to deliver cargo to International Space Station

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) announced that it selected United Launch Alliance’s (ULA’s) commercially developed Atlas V rocket to launch the first two missions of its Dream Chaser cargo system in support of NASA’s Cargo Resupply Services 2 (CRS2) contract.


Ancient, massive asteroid impact could explain Martian geological mysteries

The origin and nature of Mars is mysterious. It has geologically distinct hemispheres, with smooth lowlands in the north and cratered, high-elevation terrain in the south. The red planet also has two small oddly-shaped oblong moons and a composition that sets it apart from that of the Earth.


Perlmutter Introduces the Space Weather Research and Forecasting Act

The legislation outlines clear roles and responsibilities for the federal agencies which study and predict space weather events.


EchoStar Mobile joins European Space Agency and space industry leaders in promoting 5G across Europe

Joint initiative designed to accelerate development of 5G in Europe.


United Launch Alliance wins competitive contract award to launch the United States Air Force STP-3 mission

The U.S. Air Force announced that ULA was awarded a contract to launch the STP-3 mission.


GPS III in Full Production: Second Lockheed Martin satellite assembled, ready to begin environmental testing

Navigation payload delivered for third satellite in most powerful GPS constellation ever.


United Launch Alliance interns, Ball Aerospace mentors, and Colorado students participate in record-setting launch

Hands-on STEM program culminates in launch of world’s largest sport rocket.


Lockheed Martin gives $1 million to Metropolitan State University to grow expertise in advanced manufacturing technology

The grant & work will shape the workforce of the future in manufacturing innovative spacecraft.


NASA’s New Horizons mission honors memory of engineer Lisa Hardaway

NASA’s New Horizons mission team honored the life and contributions of aerospace engineer Lisa Hardaway on Thursday by dedicating the spectrometer she helped to develop – which brought the first color close-up images of Pluto to the world – in her memory.