Unmanned Aircraft Systems

At the forefront of UAS research and development FAA designated Colorado a UAS test site

Colorado is a leader in Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) research and development. In addition to a wealth of academic expertise in unmanned vehicle systems, Colorado is also a vibrant base of commercial and military UAS activity.

In fact, the Federal Aviation Administration awarded two Certificates of Authorization for the launch and testing of two types of UAS vehicles in the San Luis Valley area of Colorado in 2015.

With its variety of airspace, environmental conditions, and terrain, Colorado provides an ideal geographic location for federal, state, and private UAS research and operations, and the region is actively working to further expand its UAS assembly, launch, and operational test areas.

“The decision by the FAA to allow for the testing of UAS aircraft in the San Luis Valley is a big step forward in keeping Colorado at the forefront in the development and testing of these aircraft.” 
Constantin Diehl, CEO of UAS Colorado

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