Colorado Air and Space Port

Colorado Air and Space Port Site Operator License Approved The first mile of sub-orbital flight is free

On August 17, 2018, the Colorado Air and Space Port announced the Federal Aviation Administration approved its site operator license, a major step forward in establishing a spaceport in Adams County.

Colorado Air and Space Port will serve as America's hub for commercial space transportation, research, and development. Horizontal launch facilities like Colorado Air and Space Port are developing around the world and have the potential to become the foundation for a global suborbital transportation network.

Located one mile closer to space, Colorado's aerospace companies, educational institutions, and state leadership are growing aerospace talent and capabilities as the state's aerospace industry continues to expand. By leveraging this experience and expertise in the aerospace sector, Colorado is well-positioned to play a key role in the continued development of private commercial space transportation.

Plans for Colorado Air and Space Port include developing an aerospace and technology park to support a broad range of activities and commercial opportunities, including research and development, testing and evaluation, manufacturing, crew training, scientific research, suborbital flight, and point-to-point travel. Colorado Air and Space Port’s location in Adams County offers a unique combination of abundant surrounding land and convenient access to Denver International Airport and the state’s sizeable aerospace industry, research universities, and talented aerospace workforce.