Efforts underway to create Spaceport Colorado The first mile of sub-orbital flight is free

Colorado is actively working to establish horizontal launch capabilities in the state. These efforts will increase Colorado’s competitiveness in the aerospace industry and support new opportunities in the future growth of commercial space research and transportation.

Plans for Spaceport Colorado include the development of an aerospace and technology park to support a broad range of activities and commercial opportunities, including research and development, testing and evaluation, manufacturing, crew training, scientific research, suborbital flight, and point-to-point travel.

Spaceport Colorado has an abundance of surrounding land and convenient access to Denver International Airport and the state’s sizeable aerospace industry, research universities, and talented aerospace workforce.

In 2016, Front Range Airport in Adams County continued the application process for certification from the FAA to operate as a horizontal-launch spaceport facility. The subsequent designation for Spaceport Colorado, which may be granted in 2017, fulfills a 2011 declaration by Gov. John Hickenlooper of Colorado’s intent to become a spaceport state.