Continued investment in Colorado’s academic, military, and space infrastructure is vital to making our state a center of excellence for space. The Colorado Space Coalition understands the importance of public and private-sector partnerships, and works closely with Colorado state leaders to ensure that public policy decisions support this critical industry.

Legislation was passed in 2012 to further pave the way for Colorado Air and Space Port and help expand the state’s aerospace economy. Senate Bill 35 (2012) limited the liability for public and private entities holding a Federal Aviation Administration license for spaceflight activities. The legislation is an important first step in initiating commercial spaceflight activities in Colorado.

Personal property used in an orbital space facility, a space propulsion system, satellite, or space station is exempt from sales and use taxes. The exemption serves to encourage capital investment in aerospace manufacturing in the state.

The Advanced Industries Accelerator Act was passed in 2013 to create new highly-skilled jobs, increase exports, drive innovation and capital investment, create stronger partnerships between educational institutions and industry, accelerate technology commercialization and promote Colorado’s research and development activities. The Advanced Industries Accelerator Programs include four types of grants and a global business support program to promote growth and sustainability in Colorado’s Advanced Industries, including aerospace.

The Colorado Division of Professions & Occupations (DPO) strives to support the mobility and transportability of military spouses’ professional licenses. Colorado House Bill 1326 (2020) enables spouses of active-duty military personnel stationed in Colorado to obtain temporary licenses for any profession or occupation under the purview of DPO, if they hold a credential in good standing from another US state or territory and meet certain other requirements.