Federal Engagement

U.S. Leadership in Space

The Colorado Space Coalition (CSC) represents Colorado’s space business, higher education, and economic development leadership. Our goal is to support and further grow Colorado’s space industry ecosystem, and to expand the state’s recognition as the best place for aerospace companies to locate and thrive.

The Ensuring U.S. Leadership in Space white paper was spearheaded by the Space Foundation, and is intended to serve as a resource for presidential campaigns. The paper is aligned with the CSC’s own legislative priorities. The document’s message amplifies the CSC’s own legislative priorities, and the CSC is proud to be among the 13 space organizations which are signatories to this effort.

There are several action items necessary to continue U.S. leadership in space, such as strengthening the industrial base and committing to a robust national security space program. Support for U.S. space programs and industry means support for our nation’s economy, security, leadership, and high-quality American jobs and businesses.